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ZE-260HPL Liquid Premade Pouch Packaging Machine

The ZE-260HPL Liquid Premade Pouch Packaging Machine packs 10-60 bags/min, accepts 150*260mm wide and 150-400mm long bags, measures 200-2000ml precisely, endorsed by top-tier durability and an easy-to-use interface. An efficient, adaptable, reliable, and user-friendly solution for all your packaging needs.

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ZE-260HPL Liquid Premade Pouch Packaging Machine Description

ZE-260HPL Premade Pouch Liquid Packaging Machine – High-efficiency, accurate, and reliable solution for liquid packaging

Discover the efficient, accurate liquid packaging solution designed for handling various types of liquids such as juice, sauces, paste, oil products, liquid detergents, gel, medical liquids, etc.

Perfect Features of ZE-160HPL

Our ZE-260HPL Premade Pouch Liquid Packaging Machine is an ideal equipment for packing your liquid products. It benefits from multiple stations and could perform fully automatic processing of bag pickup, date printing, bag opening, filling, bag arranging, sealing, and output.

Versatile Measurement Range

This machine can handle a bag width and length from 150x260mm to 150x400mm, packing quickly at a speed of 10-60 bags/min. It has a precise measuring range of 200~2000ml for accurate packaging every time.

Efficient Power Usage

Operating with just 4KW power supply and 380V voltage, the air consumption only requires 0.7m³.

Elevate Your Productivity

Significantly improve your productivity and add value to your business with our ZE-210HPL Premade Pouch Liquid Packaging Machine.
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